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Rob Dierdrek trances out while watching:
"I received a phone call from MTV a while ago, asking if I would hypnotize Big, of Rob and Big, (Rob Dyrdek & Christopher "Big Black" Boykin), whose existence I was unaware of until that moment. Big needed help with the difficulty of his rapidly rising weight. After asking my fee, which they agreed, I agreed. When they arrived to do the filming, the conditions were less than ideal, with a crew of production, camera and sound guys, plus the celebrated duo, all packed into my small apartment/office. We did longer than a one-hour session, of which they show about 2 or 3 minutes. I was nervous, with visions of doing a belly flop in front of millions of potential viewers.
Big was indeed a tad difficult to get into trance at first, but then he went in deep. So deep, that when we reached the speaking portion of the work, I had to pull on his chin to get him to open his mouth to begin. At one point the camera shows Rob, eyes closed, looking totally tranced out from watching me entrance Big. This often happens to companions of the subject, if covert methods combined with other hypno-linguistics are used. Glad I didn't take out the cameraman and sound guy as well!
What they did not show was the uncovering with hypnoanalysis, of an unresolved traumatic emotional issue, in this, the first and only session. The issue was a big driver of his dysfunctional eating. As this was a one shot deal, I could not really get into the deeper healing work necessary. I had already given suggestion therapy for weight control. Usually I do uncovering/healing and self esteem work first. So then at a later time the weight control/loss work has a healthier foundation to build on. I gave Big a self-hypnosis tape and sent the whole crew on their way.
In case they get moved around on the web page, the video, at present at the top of the page, is Episode 104, also listed as (Ep.4). There is a slider for volume on the left lower tool bar. The far right icon on the tool bar enlarges the video to fill your screen. I come in about a third to half way through. The outside building shown is not mine, mine not being photogenic enough I guess! Well, if you like this kind of stuff, enjoy!!" Brian.

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