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For Hypnosis Hypnotherapy
Services in the general 
Los Angeles area

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"Brian is this super sweet,  older gentleman with sharp wisdom and a keen 'eye' to seek out and fix the 'invisible problems'. He is very gifted and soft spoken. He is funny with tons of life experience as well as professional (hypnotherapy)." Yelp review..
"Thank you! What a session! I feel amazing. You are the man!" R.S.
Thank you for your kind heart. You are an authentic and caring soul and much appreciated. I slept 8 hours last night. First time in years!!  (After 20nd session - BG)  Y.B. 

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Why not allow Brian to take his hypnotic x-ray of your mind, so that he can carry out his healing multi-dimensional emotional engineering, and help you improve, or solve and resolve your difficulties? 

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - Los Angeles.
Los Angeles Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis
A younger vision of the hypnotherapist

                          -: RELAX :-
                  ** FEEL BETTER **
                   ** DO  BETTER **
                 ATTAIN PERSONAL & 
               PROFESSIONAL GOALS    
               IMPROVE THE QUALITY 
                       OF YOUR LIFE
                                                            FASTER AND MORE EASILY 
                                                            THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT

                     ++ VIDEO :- BRIAN on PAST LIVES - Part 01 ++
                     ++ VIDEO :- BRIAN on PAST LIVES - Part 02 ++                                               

      Wondering what brought you to this website? Want to make your dreams come true? Do you want to improve your internal and/or external life? How important is it to you to feel more relaxed and confident? Change the way you think, behave, feel or function in some way? Improve the way you perform in some area? Feel more happy, successful, healthy, creative and full of joy? Feel more fulfilled as you live more of the life you've always wanted? Perhaps you would like to feel more comfortable? Feel more motivated, find a better job? Feel more love in your life? Stop smoking? Become a better public speaker? Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are famous for creating rapid powerful positive change, so you can imagine feeling so much better than you knew you could! I’m making these comments because I have very high expectations and I know that you can reach them!


     Perhaps you looking for relief? Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Feeling angry, sad or scared? Is some part of you getting in your own way? Suspecting you are not good enough? Feeling a bit unhappy?  A bit burnt out? A bit stressed? A bit stuck? A bit blocked? Feeling some anxiety? Somewhat down/depressed? Perhaps a bit trapped and desperate? Even like you are going off your head, in danger of becoming nearly crazy? Or perhaps you've been experiencing some mental, emotional, physical and/or functional difficulty that can benefit from hypnosis and hypnotherapy, so you can feel more comfortable again? Imagine getting unstuck, even feeling on top of the world. All of these reasons, both positives and negatives, are common reasons why people use Brian's hypnotherapy service. And how does your future appear to you without giving yourself the gift of grasping this opportunity to enhance your life? (For more information on the uses of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, click here on "Issues for Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy" or the button on the left hand side of the page).


     If you want to change your life, why not allow Brian  to be the one to help you change it? "If it can be done, Brian is one of the guys that can do it." He can get to the root of the matter, remove obstacles, and help you improve the quality of your life. Are you available for long distance telephone sessions? Brian is an experienced warm & caring client oriented hypnotist & hypnotherapist, who you can trust will work with you every step of the way to make sure you receive all the benefits from his services that you need. Complete client customer satisfaction, service & value, are his goals. How much will your life improve without Brian's expert help? Carried out with strict confidendentiality & privacy. "Don't delay, start today."  + Click : Contact Brian + 

     Click on the How Will Hypnotherapy Work For Me? Testimonials, Issues & about Brian + Brian's Location tab for some more powerful testimonials from clients who have enjoyed Brian's hypnosis and hypnotherapy services. Click on all the issues Brian works with, for those details, or on the About Brian link at the top of this particular page to read a bio of Brian's experience and education including as a Counselor, as well as a Hypnotist & Hypnotherapist.  If you want to see more details, plus those concerning methods of payment & parking, you must click on this tab also.     

Click on the Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy tab for links to a range of information on these topics, revealing uses of hypnotism for powerful, deep and rapid change. Click on the FAQ & Further Information internal page link at the top of that page, for any further questions you might have regarding further facts and information about Brian's use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. There are also further articles, should you need or want even more additional information, on the field of hypnotism, which can also be accessed from the tabs below.   

     Click on the How Well Hypnosis Works-Internet Articles tab for links to current articles taken from the Internet regarding the many Medical Uses of Hypnosis. Click on the link Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy in Psychotherapy & Psychiatry on this page for more articles and information on the uses of hypnotism from further noted and authoritative sources.

     Click on the Brian's CD Internet Offer tab for reading about or purchasing Brian's own powerful and effective Audio(s) Click on the Los Angeles - Local Matters  tab for links to official Los Angeles information sites, Los Angeles weather, businesses, lifestyle, tourism & travel information, and Los Angeles news sources, plus general Hollywood & West Hollywood ditto, plus celebrity and showbiz news, World News, and many additional general useful Internet resources and services.


     Brian hopes you'll find any information you need on this site about the hypnosis and hypnotherapy products & services he can provide. Do not hesitate to ask for anything further that you might need to know. Brian looks forward to helping you. Need to ask about anything at all, (there are no stupid questions - only stupid answers!), use one of the "Contact Brian" links to email him. 

+ Click here to: Contact Brian +

Brian Relaxing At His Home Office - 2019
Hypnotherapist Relaxing At His Home Office - 2019
Hypnotherapist Relaxing At His Home Office - 2019

Hypnotherapist loves Thai food
Hypnotherapist and wife eating out