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Los Angeles, Hollywood & West Hollywood
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The Hypnotherapist Teaching Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy at a Beverly Hills high school

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80% of my clients see major positive change within 4 sessions, or sooner!! One study quoted shows Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions.

Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions.

Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions.
How is this possible? Hypnotherapy is a powerful set of tools that are capable of producing rapid and profound positive change. Using the leverage of trance states combined with hypnotic suggestion therapy, uncovering therapy, visualization, guided imagery, regression and other therapy modalities gives a huge boost to results. Click on the "Testimonials" link above to see how Brian makes good use of these methods, or the following link to issues that hypnotherapy can be useful for.


  "Feel better, do better."

    If it can be done, 
I'm one of the guys that can do it." 

 Relax & Renew,
     Regain Appetite & Sound Sleep,

     Raise Self Confidence & Self Esteem, 
         Motivation & Productivity 
  So You Can Improve, Control,
  Reduce, Release or Eliminate
   concerns regarding the following:

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     Where to find Brian.

Brian usually sees clients at approximately 3.00 pm, or 6.30 pm, Monday through Saturday. At Fountain Ave, West Hollywood, 90046. Fountain is the main street between Sunset Blvd., to the North, and Santa Monica Blvd., to the South. Sunset runs, as does Fountain, from East to West,  just South of Hollywood Blvd. His location is one traffic light West of La Brea on Fountain, or many short blocks East of La Cienega, ditto. The cross street is Poinsettia. Almost on the South West corner of Fountain and Poinsettia. La Brea is between La Cienega Blvd., to the West, and Highland Blvd., to the East.  And then on to Vine. Vine can be reached from the Hollywood Freeway, as can Sunset Blvd., Santa Monica Blvd., & Highland also. La Cienega and La Brea can in addition be accessed way South from the Santa Monica Freeway, the 10. From North Hollywood, Studio City & the San Fernando Valley to the North,  Sunset can be accessed from the 405 Freeway or the Canyon roads through the hills.

This area is full of appartment buildings, many persons coming and going, so daytime street parking is usually possible fairly easily. But the small streets South of his location, between Fountain Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd, have been made PERMIT PARKING ONLY AFTER 7.00 pm, which has added to the pressure on parking later on in the day. This makes it more difficult, but not impossible, to find parking on Fountain and other nearby streets from early evening onwards.

Alternatively, approximately 100 yards East of Brian, on the South East corner of Vista, is a parking lot for Plummer Park, usable to 10.00pm. It is never full. This parking lot has entrances on both Fountain and Vista. Many of his clients use it, and walk down the block. If it is raining, after dark, etc., Brian can pick you up and/or take you back to your car. 
Brian hopes this information answers your questions, don’t hesitate to ask for any further information you might need.
 Email Brian for costs, exact address. 
Give him your phone number too.  Brian can be hard to reach, because he is often in sessions, but we can both play L.A. phone tag until we connect.
Brian's services, like those of chiropractors years ago, are not generally covered by insurance, though he will give you a bill if you wish to submit it to your own insurance. If his services are prescribed by a Licenced Professional, such as an  M.D., there is a bit better chance of reimbursement. Cash/Check only, or payment in advance against a credit card via Paypal.com or Chasepay, Venmo or Zelle to .. .. Brian Green at .. ..    mindmagic123@yahoo.com

Brian looks forward to helping you.

P.s. it would help Brian greatly with his advertising if you could inform him of how/where you obtained his name.

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