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FROM: BRIAN GREEN. CHT. Hypnotherapist & Counselor. 



Since the current virus problem began, and for the forseeable future, I am not conducting any face-to-face sessions, until further notice. However, am willing to conduct HYPNOTHERAPY TELEPHONE SESSIONS.

I have done many recently,  with exceedingly successful results, as good as my best face-to-face sessions.  Mainly it is only marginally more difficult for me, and has certain advantages. 

(Initially you need access to a computer to work with me, to download the MP3 audio link.) For the session, you also need to have a private space where you can relax undisturbed, preferably on a bed or recliner, but a comfortable chair or even cushions on the floor will do! Your phone needs to be fully charged, and be ready to last the three hours or more before we begin. Headphones are great.   

I am now offering long distance sessions to areas in any suitable time zones. (My session hours are 3.00pm to 6.00pm and 6.30 pm to 10.00pm Pacific Coast Time), though later evening hours, (my time) may be possible for other Time Zones. Click here for an example.   

++ Link What To Expect Your First Hypnosis Session ++

For those who have not had a prior in-person session yet,  the best procedure will be buying and using my self-hypnosis “Self Esteem” audio when prepaying for the session. After using the audio a few times, hypnotizing you on the phone will present little difficulty, plus advancing and intensifying the therapy.  After your purchase, a time can be scheduled for the phone session, a few days later. (Since first writing this, I have started with many new clients, and the therapy is going really well. I have found that using the audio first actually speeds up my already fast and intense therapy).The cost of the first 3 hour or more hypnotherapy session is $230.00 including the audio. Any following sessions are about 3 hours and cost $200.00.  

This audio also has a major calming effect, which research has shown to benefit the immune system for many persons, as does hypnosis in general. GOOD FOR YOUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH and resilience.

The audio is obtained via the WeTransfer service as an MP3 download, (like a music file) (or, if preferred, as a CD mailed direct to you in more normal times). This needs to be initially downloaded direct to a COMPUTER. Then your stored copy can be copied as any other mp3 file to any other digital device. If copied to an iphone, I have been told it is placed in the itunes folder.

Documentation for the using the service and using the audio is sent to you as Word Docs, via email attachments, (or printed copy if audio CD is mailed, in more normal times). Your therapy agreements and other documentation will be emailed also. Either the MP3 or CD can be purchased as an individual item direct from my website on http://www.mindmagic123.com/id81.html (No physical CD’s mailed at least until the stay-at-home order is cancelled).

Testimonials on - http://www.mindmagic123.com/id6.html

 01. Initial contact by phone, or email.                                                         

Email me your Name, Address and Phone number to mindmagic123@yahoo.com.

02. This Telephone Offer sent as email attachment if needed.

03. Copy of "What to expect the first session." and copies of  two Therapy Agreements emailed for return as instructed. 

      ++ Link To Agreements ++

04. Prepayment of the advance fees ($210 for session + $20.00 for audio = $230.00 total) sent by methods that follow.

05. Download link for the MP3 sent by WeTransfer email, (Computer needed) and downloaded as per instructions provided with link.

06. Self-Hypnosis MP3 used as per instructions provided with download link.

07. Schedules matched up, by phone or email, for session time to be agreed a few days later.

08. Service details, day and time of session appointment emailed if needed.

09. First session completed.

10. Second session set up for approximately 2 weeks later.

11. Prepayment ($200.00) for next session sent ASAP, required to keep booking open, after no longer than 48 hours, (unless agreed otherwise by the hypnotherapist).


All online digital payments to this email address, mindmagic123@yahoo.com where required

Pay via VENMO  at https://venmo.com/  If needed for sign in, last four phone digits are 0755. (Note: Not my landline number) Sent to Brian-Green-264.

As I have a Chase bank account, if you do too, and/or are registered with Chase Fast Pay, I can receive CHASE FAST PAY transactions,  to Brian Green, also these via ZELLE (if you know how).
If you wish to pay for an item as a member of PAYPAL   (or maybe against a credit card as a guest) https://www.paypal.com to Brian Green, or go to my "+ Book a Hypnotherapy Phone Session Direct Payment Page +Hypnotherapy Sessions & Paypal Direct Payment Page"   

Standard information of payment and terms after a no show or late cancellation for Hypnotherapy sessions with Brian Green.


If you book a session, I will hold it for 2 days or so, to give you time to pay. Without prepayment, after 2 days, unless agreed otherwise by Brian Green, I will consider the session open again for booking by others. Booking a session is a time commitment on both our parts. I am like a Theatre, the show goes on whether you take your seat or not! 


Should you wish to book another session, you will be paying  a non-refundable payment in advance. Should you miss a session, especially with short notice, (under 48 hours) payment may still be required,  Unless agreed otherwise by Brian Green. Any refunds are at the Hypnotherapist’s discretion.


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