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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy: Healing Past Injuries, Pain and Mind-body Conditions. No. 1.

     There is a question on my intake form, “Do you have any residual pain from work, automobile, or surgery related injuries.” This can lead me to aspects of pain and healing I have encountered, but not seen mentioned in the general hypnosis literature. That blocked unfelt emotions, created at the time of a physical trauma, may remain locked in, preventing full physiological healing. And unexpressed feelings of physical hurt may produce a similar result. Some medical research studies show that persons who do not take pain medications heal faster. It figures. For those clients who can use hypnotic processes well, a simple resolution can be obtained with regressive and other techniques.

     This tallies with the hypnosis literature where it has been regularly noted that some persons would have severe inexplicable difficulties following surgery. After regression back to, and reprocessing in trance, the negative events heard or experienced while unconscious from anesthesia, rapid recovery can take place. Events that registered despite commonly held views that this is impossible. This is a subset of the general processes I have used for past injuries, still painful, whether recent or more ancient.

     I have personally experienced the release of such tension leading to healing an injury. I first came to America to enter Arthur Janov’s Primal Institute. Playing soccer in a park with other patients, one ran up, missed the ball, kicking me full force on an instep knob of anklebone. Agonizing pain, which I mostly held inside, being a stoic British stiff upper lippish cool manly man at the time. The inside of my right leg soon acquired a rainbow patchwork of purple, dark blue, green and yellow, from under the arch of the foot up to the knee. This persisted along with great pain for well over a week. He must have hit a nerve. Worrying, I recalled that Janov had written in one of his books, the original edition of “The Primal Scream.” perhaps, of a child having some fingers squashed by an auto trunk lid. After being immediately encouraged to cry and loudly express his howls of pain, the fingers healed rapidly. I decided to try it. I lay down, and began taking my consciousness down into the pain in my leg, feeling it and expressing the sounds of the suppressed agony as I relived the incident. Releasing the howls and tears, I felt a rush of stored tension leave the tissues of my leg where I had been holding it, unbeknown to myself. My very cells needed to cry and moan. The pain diminished dramatically, and healing commenced from that day onward. Janov would call it Primalling the pain. Now, as a hypnotherapist, I would describe it as the resolution of pain and injury by revivication, in a self-induced light hypnotic trance. The label is immaterial; the process labeled deserves significance, a fact to be kept in mind with all terminology.

     An early hypnotherapy case taught me more. Briefly, a female, late twenties, came to me for some now forgotten issue. Just before trance induction, she casually stated, “I was in car accident as a teen, and I still have a lump on the back of my head.” I decided to explore this in trance, and she stated on regression to the accident. “I am in an alley at night. I look up and see headlights, and know I am going to be hit. Then I wake up in hospital.” I guided her to visualize and speak to the lump/tissue cells in her head, and let them know, “I survived, you can relax now, everything is OK.” As if dealing with a psychological part in parts, (ego state), therapy. Releasing the stored terror that I had intuitively surmised was still locked in. Followed by her visualizing a metaphor of the tissues turning into limp noodles, etc. Then we went on with her other issues. On emerging from trance, vacantly reaching for the back of her head she exclaimed, “The lump is gone!” 

     Here is a case of a more recent injury. The client, male, mid-thirties, came in two weeks after his second session. Falling off a skateboard over a week earlier, he had descended on the base of his spine, crashing his coccyx on a concrete surface. He was in severe pain that was hardly diminishing. Revivifying the incident in trance, he began releasing the retained hurt and emotions as moans etc. I asked, “Were you unable to stand up at first?” (From my own experience with a similar injury). “Yes.” Guiding him through reliving the pain and shock, I asked him if his terror was the thought, “I’m crippled.’” My own past thought in the situation similar to his. “Yes.” he replied. Accompanied with a huge sigh of visible relief! He then realized that he had suppressed his fear and pain in order not to scare the teenager he was playing with. Releasing the impacted agony and verbally articulating the locked in huge fear allowed the initiation of integration and resolution of the encapsulated tension. Emerging, he stated that the remaining pain was insignificant, so healing could ensue.  

     I would describe this process as healing a form of Post Traumatic Stress, (PTS). In the psycho-hypno-therapeutic literature, PTS release is more commonly focused on the release of disconnected repressed/ suppressed split off past psycho-emotional stress. Usually to relieve psychological negatives (symptoms) in the here and now, presenting mainly as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, (PTSD). Any related physical issues, whether of a more psychosomatic or psychogenic origin, or those injuries similarly part of the initial trauma(s), that also heal are regarded as a secondary side benefit. (In my lexicon, psychosomatic represents the more mentally produced symptoms, such as turning emotional pain into physical pain, known as a conversion symptom in psychotherapy, as opposed to psychogenic, used for mental problems that cause actual physical results in the body, as “stress” (primarily unfelt unresolved emotional reactions causing physical tensions in my experience), e.g. joint deterioration such as Sudden Onset Arthritis). The approach above is the reverse, starting from the physical trauma and working backwards. This indicates that therapists who are familiar with resolving PTSD can meld any other suitable processes they may already know into this method where applicable. Advanced hypnotherapists already use hypnoanalysis, parts therapy, regression therapy, reframing, timelines and imagery in their work, and I have indicated uses of some. Resolution can be followed by the use of white light or any other preferred healing imagery.

     I find it is therefore necessary to view past physical trauma from this more inclusive holistic perspective. Single factor approaches limit the amount of healing obtainable. Integration of all factors, including at times in addition to the internal psychological and physical, the marital, social, employment and historical factors involved, as I will show, give greater possibilities for additional healing. An extended pattern may need identifying for a full healing process. If enough can be resolved, the body/mind’s unblocked natural healing processes can resume and complete the job. In the following casebooks, I will deal with cases such as one of Trigeminal Neuralgia, virtually 100% healed in two sessions. Colitis, Tendonitis, an individual with Acid Reflux, leg pain and an acute episode of chronic Bursitis, elevated blood pressure, severe menstrual cramps, etc.

c. Brian Green. 2011                               

Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy – Los Angeles

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy: Healing Injuries, Pain and Mind-body Conditions. No. 2.

     I will continue with a case of Trigeminal Neuralgia, which is an inflammation of a cranial nerve that innervates the face and jaw. Known to be excruciatingly painful. The condition has been ascribed possibly to a virus. This was a male client in his mid-thirties who came for an unrelated issue. Noticing his face was asymmetric during my intake, as if he had had a minor stroke. I named the condition, and he assented it was indeed so. Three months earlier, he was on a different medication, started in a high-end hospital sobriety program, (and he was still sober). An "allergic" reaction to this medication was the presumed cause in this case.

     Hypnoanalysis back to the time of onset in trance uncovered the following. "What was going on in your life at the time?" I asked. "My marriage was breaking up!" Processing/resolution of the partly suppressed and repressed feelings followed. It was an interaction between the action of the drug and his emotional nerve chemistry at the time. And perhaps a concurrent partly fused conversion symptom. (Displacement of emotional pain into physical pain). I then went on to his presenting issue. On emergence, his face was symmetrical; the pain by his report reduced 80/90%. 

     One week later, a small amount of pain remaining, I enquired in trance. "Tell me how the nerve appears when you picture it." "It is all pink, except a small circular gray "dead" patch that was the focal point of the nerve damage." I guided him to visualize it diminishing in size, changing color to a matching pink, the color of the healthy nerve tissue, etc. while simultaneously using hypno-linguistics, offsetting double binds, etc. as demonstrated in my hypnosis manual, to bring the damage and pain down progressively and in future to permanent zero. On return, two weeks later, no further treatment was necessary. I believe it would be hard to find an MD. who would believe Trigeminal Neuralgia could be accessible to a psychological and mental healing. If this man had indeed a coexisting viral infection, it was subsidiary or irrelevant. 

     In my experience also, a huge range of medical/physical problems can be primarily or partly the result of non-physiological factors. This particular area is a sub-specialty of mine. Hypnotherapy reveals that any physical, (or psychological), condition can have any source, so presuming medical generalities to be gospel only limits the hypno-practitioner's exploration unnecessarily. It is more useful to have a range of methods/tools such as hypno-analysis, regression, hypnotherapeutic healing and direct symptom alteration or removal available, than to rely primarily on information from medical or psychological “authorities”. Not only unhelpful at times, they can prejudice the practitioner’s mind and preclude other avenues of investigation. Medical, (and psychological) information may be a guide, but should not be given unquestioned credibility; it's just another set of potentially useful information to be tested out. There is a current growing tendency in both fields to analyze, identify and label difficulties, concretize and convert them into “factual” things, rather than ongoing processes that may be available for change. Openness and flexibility are the required qualities to be stressed. "Deal with what emerges." was Gil Boyne's phrase. He has a video of uncovering fear of rejection as a source of painful Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), and one of a fear of maternal castration as the source of a severe stutter! So much for speech therapy in this case!

     Another client, in his mid-fifties, had painful tendonitis and joint inflammation, in the right carpal/metacarpal wrist and thumb area, subsequent to putting his hand out to break a fall. He had tried every available medical remedy without success, including finally, a surgical resection of a tendon. In my intake, his employment was identified as a court reporter. I said, “You were a court reporter, and you were injured in the precise area absolutely required for your job, where you hold an implement to write, and it would not heal. You were disabled, and had to leave and get retraining. What a coincidence!” This time hypnoanalysis uncovered the following. He had wanted to leave his employment due being trapped in irresolvable difficulties produced by an aging judge in his hierarchy, who had become an arbitrary tyrant. He was unable to do so without losing many years of insurance/pension benefits. So he was trapped. But the injury allowed a medical release while avoiding these negative consequences. Unfortunately, his subconscious, only being aware of the timeless now, had continued maintaining the pain and injury long past the time needed, and presumably would have continued indefinitely without my intervention. After the insight gained from uncovering, suggested healing organized around the redundancy of maintaining the injury was communicated to the now connected conscious and other-than-conscious mind. Emerging from trance, he picked up a sheet of paper, and held it suspended between his right thumb and forefinger, and said, “This is the first time I have been able to do that for 2 years.” 

     Incidentally, this relates to how the mind can prevent healing, as well as being directed to accomplish it. After two similar cases, I surmised it was not possible to reduce the pain and heal difficulties where legal monetary damages were pending, even if the case had been won. This was true despite a strong conscious desire for relief. Another hypnotherapist, and a couple of texts confirmed these facts. It appears the fears of letting go of control; until the money is actually in the person’s possession, predominate. I wonder if deposit in their lawyers account is adequate, or only actual receipt into their own!

     To show how different the causations of similar appearing conditions, viz joint pain, may be, here is a case of bursitis, painful inflammation of the shoulder joint. This gentleman had already healed shooting pains down his leg after uncovering a deeply buried teenage desire to kick his father in the testicles, for retaliation due to feeling his father was, (unintentionally as it appeared in retrospect), emotionally emasculating him by rendering his teenage self impotent. In a later session, he informed me that he was in great pain due to a flare-up of his long-standing chronic bursitis. I recalled Arthur Janov, in the first edition of “The Primal Scream.” stating that an unexpressed anger can remain as a permanent stored tension in the body, and he used the desire to punch someone being stored in the arm as his example. Guided by an inspired guess, I took him back to that past state of mind in trance; and probed “At the time you wanted to kick him, did you also have an urge to punch him?” “Yes,” he exclaimed immediately, as he re-experienced it. Then he said, “A ball of violet energy/light is emerging from my shoulder .. .. is moving and hanging in front of my eyes,” where it remained for a few moments or so. On his return, he said his shoulder was still sore for a couple of days, (the inflammation perhaps needed time to subside). The pain then faded, and has not returned.                        

In my next and last casebook, I will detail relief of Acid Reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, (IBS) Sudden Onset Arthritis, among others. 

 c. Brian Green. 2011                               

Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy – Los Angeles 

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy: Healing Past Injuries, Pain and Mind-body Conditions. No. 3.

     To continue, a female client in her late forties rapidly developed crippling arthritis in her hands. She saw an MD, and he took blood, and identified Sudden Onset Arthritis. I knew the huge feelings of helplessness she was dealing with regarding current events in her life. Subsequently processing them in trance, her arthritis diminished to insignificance. Informing her MD on her follow up visit, he frowned and looked confused, and said, “The lab results must be erroneous, you have the chemical markers for Arthritis in your blood.” Later I said to her, “The blood test was probably correct, but I relieved the emotional stress that was producing the markers.” Then I looked up the condition and found it was described as occurring following a prolonged period, or an acute episode, of stress! This female was also having severe Bronchial Asthmatic attacks. She was informed both conditions required lifetime medication. The attacks proved to be a secondary phobic cycle based on a fear response. Feeling helpless and powerless, she would become scared, and unconsciously depress her breathing. Consciously noticing this, she would become scared, (causing her to unconsciously hold her breath further while trying to force herself to breathe). Powerless to initiate a breath as her throat closed, she would panic, further increasing the intensity and rapidity of the cycle. Interestingly enough, this acted as an avoidance/deflection mechanism. The underlying issue feelings of helplessness became displaced/projected onto the symptoms as an irresolvable loop, blocking awareness. A not uncommon defense in depressed and/or overloaded persons. Connection and resolution of the primary current issues in trance gives a partial healing. But usually the secondary cycle needs work too. In this case, teaching her in trance to visualize relaxing and breathing in when scared. Once the new sequence was initiated and established by repetition, this was followed by visualizing successful accomplishment in future, bringing up the fear feelings, and then using her new coping skills. Future Positive Rehearsal. No further difficulties, despite being a heavy smoker! 

     The digestive tract has long been recognized as the destination of troubled emotions. From the throat tightening from fear, with its extreme, Globus Hystericus, (described in medicine as a physical condition, but I doubt it!) to diarrhea due to terror, and all parts between. I was working with a male, mid sixties, long-term sober alcoholic, who had Acid Reflux to the point he had to take medication every day. Each time in trance we uncovered and connected current out-of-awareness anger to his numbed out drinking years, which were extensions of deeply seated childhood resentments, he would belch or pass gas. He had the pained facial expression of those troubled by chronic indigestion. I said to him, “You used to hold it all down and get indigestion, but it accumulated until you could no longer do so, and it now comes back up as the Acid Reflux.”  He exclaimed, “That’s it!” I suggested that if we continued the therapy of emotional integration and resolution, it would probably go away in reverse. And indeed, over the next sessions, as well as help with his other issues, the reflux has diminished to the point that it only re-appears occasionally, when some deep anger is triggered, as many long lost emotional patterns having been resolved.

     Further down the gut, I have dealt with two cases of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, (IBS) which overlaps with Colitis, Spastic Colon etc.) Frequent very painful cramps and constant diarrhea. Both had exhausted all medical remedies. The first case had a deeply buried source that required detective work. Questioning and uncovering revealed the following history. This middle-aged female was the oldest of many siblings. She promised her dying mother that she would continue her role as their caretaker. Twenty years later she was attempting to do so, and they as adults, two alcoholic, (good luck controlling them), were not cooperating with her attempts to control, (protect them in her eyes), their lives. Her now full-blown martyrdom was producing the frustration and resentment that was disturbing her gut. You could say she was irritated with her siblings to the very bowels of her being! Clarification, connection and reeducation in trance created release and resolution. Her bulging waistline diminished two inches each session!

     The second case was a young Iranian woman in her twenties. Her family had been forced to flee Iran in her mid teens due to the revolution there. Questioning revealed that each morning, on awakening, she was focusing on all the losses and distress the revolutionaries had caused her, and churning with the resentment of her victim consciousness, preserved in this area since adolescence. Demonstrating to her how she was victimizing herself by this was a major reeducative reframe to remove the self-inflammation. At the start of session four she said, “I have had the first solid bowel movement in nine years!” She needed her own second revolution to remove the upset from her bowels! 

     Another female had severe stomach pain for years. She had had an early medical lap band procedure for weight loss that had gone wrong, to which she attributed the pain. In actuality, her first waking thoughts were regarding the distress the surgeon had inflicted on her, (she was suing), and churning her various victim resentments. Reeducation and reframing did the trick. Especially understanding she could continue to pursue damages without having to remain in an angry victim emotional state for motivation. Also regression to resolve both unhealed emotional and physical traumatic surgical events. So what might have been identified as a Post Operative Sequelae proved to be primarily psychological. Cameras inserted into the stomach reveal prolonged anger causes the stomach lining to become inflamed, and increases acid production, so a very real underlying physical process exists too. 

     Yet another mid-life female I was working with on unrelated issues came to a session complaining of severe menstrual cramps, a lifelong affliction. Again, Hypnoanalytic uncovering revealed three major sources. 1) Overhearing older women as a teenager, talking about their pain. 2) Psycho-sexual conflicts from around that age. 3) The secondary gain of invalidism, a claim for special compassion, being allowed a break from adult responsibilities, etc. Simple resolution of the conflicts with parts therapy, plus recognition of her own role in the pattern of the production of her pain, suggestions of cessation and relief sufficed for healing. She never again mentioned menstrual cramps, except to say they were now minimal. 

To show a direct connection between the mind and body, one final case.  A middle-aged male was seeing me for zombie level depression. He was much improved. He took some herbal products to keep his mildly elevated blood pressure in normal range. Then his twenty-year-old son informed him he was a homosexual. By that very evening he had to go to the emergency room for dangerously high blood pressure! It took months of work on his own issues vis-à-vis homosexuality, from the personal to the cultural, to move his blood pressure back down to near normal again. 

It amazes me that in a society where medical cost increases are becoming an increasingly serious concern, that hypnotherapy has not been nurtured and facilitated as a cost effective treatment modality. I have reams of further information from other studies on my website, Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - Los Angeles.

c. Brian Green. 2011                               

Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy – Los Angeles

New Case History. February 2018. Female, Mysterious Severe Illness, Pain Syndrome, Leading to Anguish and Depression. No Medical Diagnosis After Exaustive Tests. Only available for 3 sessions prior to departure.

“Hi Brian, I'm half way home now - currently docked in Fort Lauderdale - so thought I'd send you a progress report.  I've been listening to your tape every day after lunch and have found it both restful and reviving.  I'm making good progress.  My energy levels are up even more and we're able to quickstep the night away on board ship quite happily. My hands and feet are painful, and still a bit tingly, though my face is ok now.  I'll be checking in with the Dr. when I get home about that. But generally all the bad stuff has receded into the back-ground.  So I just wanted to say that I think you have helped me a great deal - and thank you for doing so.  Since we left LA I've also read a very good book - “It's All In Your Head.” by Suzanne O'Sullivan (terrible title).  The book is basically about everything you say - you could have written it in fact.  She's actually a Neurologist - a very enlightened one. (My emphasis, BG) You don't really need any more books I'd say - I'm not sure your floor could take the weight!  But it's certainly an interesting read.  That's all for now.  Thank you again for all your help and maybe I'll see you when I'm back in LA in February.  Take care, Anna.”



Ovarian Cyst Does a Vanishing Act – September 2018.

A long time female client of mine came to a session after being diagnosed with a 5 cm ovarian cyst, with surgery scheduled soon.

We processed current feelings connected to her husband, which turned out to be a re-run of child feelings around her mother.

Shortly, she went back for a pre-surgical examination, and the cyst was no longer to be found!

We were both surprised at how effective the session had been, but she remarked, “I think I cried the contents of the cyst out as tears!”

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Health and Healing With Psycho-neuro-immunology and the Soul Mind.
An immense and continuously growing body of scientific research conducted over recent decades has been conclusively corroborating the Yogic and other ancient teachings of mind over matter. A whole new field of study and medical treatment is emerging, called psycho-neuro-immunology, regarding harnessing the power of the mind to enhance the functioning of the body's immune system, for the prevention and healing of disease. The concept of healing rather than curing is gaining ground. The perspective of ill health seen as an interruption of ongoing good health as a process, which can be restored, is becoming more pervasive.

Paramahansa Yogananada said, “Man does not realize the power that God has been implanted by Him in the mind. It controls all the bodily functions, and when its power is properly exercised it can promote and condition in the body. In divine healing, first the mind receives its suggestion of healing through positive thoughts. Affirmation or prayer. Then, through Super conscious conviction of the soul, the latent power of God on the mind becomes manifest. Finally the brain releases the divinely recharged life energy to heal.” This language may not be as accessible to the more scientific modern Western mind, but if the Soul, Spirit or Psyche, the subconscious or Universal Mind, and suchlike, are substituted for the more religious term, “God”, it may be more acceptable.

Michael Murphy, in “The Future of the Body: Explorations Into the Further Evolution of Human Nature.” introduces a fascinating and comprehensive survey of scientific and historical material documenting the incredible powers of the human mind. "By showing that the central nervous system interacts with and can directly affect the immune system," writes Murphy, "such demonstrations have confirmed the long-standing belief of many doctors, philosophers, and spiritual teachers that mental images, attitudes, and emotions help determine sickness and well-being." Deepack Chopra, MD., has also reported widely on this field, combined with Buddhist concepts. 

In one seven year study, Dr. Suki Rappaport analyzed twenty-five individuals who had accomplished extraordinary physical transformations - such as overcoming birth defects, recovering from incurable disease's, regaining function after severely crippling accidents, etc. “All these people told me the same thing,” she reported.  “They all had an image in their minds of who and what they wanted to be. And they literally grew their physical bodies into that imagined form.” 

Milton Erickson, MD., grandfather of much of modern hypnosis and hypnotherapy, was severely paralyzed by polio at around seventeen years old. He was expected to die. When the crisis passed, he regained the use of his limbs primarily by repeatedly concentrating on visualizing and reliving how it used to feel to move his muscles. After he noticed the first twitch, a flicker of movement regained in a finger, there was no stopping him. O. Carl Simonton, M.D., noted pioneer in cancer treatment, has stated: "When we look at spontaneous remission [of cancer] or at unexpectedly good responses and try to figure out what happens in common, we find that the same spontaneous occurrence of visualizing oneself being well. I have not found any case of spontaneous remission in which the patient did not go through a similar visualizing process.” 

In “The Holographic Universe.” Michael Talbot describes psychiatric studies of Multiple Personality Disorders (MPD), a condition "that graphically illustrates the mind's power to affect the body.” Biological changes take place in the multiple's body when they switch personalities. Frequently a medical condition possessed by one personality will mysteriously vanish when another personality takes over. By changing personalities a Drunk can instantly become sober. Different personalities also respond to differently to different drugs. Dr. Bennet Braun records a case where 5 milligrams of diazepam, the tranquillizer Valium, effectively sedated one personality, while 100 milligrams had little or no effect on another personality. Speech Pathologist, Christy Ludlow has found that the voice pattern for each of the multiple's personalities is different; a feat that requires such deep physiological change that even the most accomplished actor cannot alter his voice enough to disguise his voice pattern. One multiple, admitted to the hospital for diabetes, baffled doctors by showing no symptoms while one of her non-diabetic personalities were in control. Similarly there are reports of allergies affecting one personality and not another, and there are accounts of epilepsy coming and going with different personalities.

There must be a system of control in place to account for such capacities. What unknown pathways of influence does the mind of a multiple personality use to suspend the effects of alcohol and other drugs in the blood, or to turn diabetes on and off? Though unknown at the moment, we can console ourselves with one simple fact. Once a multiple personality has undergone therapy and in some way becomes whole again, he or she can still make these switches at will. This suggests that somewhere in our psyches there exists the ability to control these things. I call this the “Master Control Mind.” This is the mind that controls the mind-body continuum. Or is constituted from both from another perspective, i.e. is a comprehensive manifestation of the mind-body continuum. This eliminates thinking of them as separate elements. This mind-body field comprehends and includes every aspect and relationship between thoughts, feelings, mind and body, both current and historical, of the multi-dimensional snowflake that composes each human organism. 

These aforementioned factors all exist on and are an extension of the physical plane we are most aware of. And as I began with, this “Master Control Mind.” as I term it, can be imagined to have a connection with, have an overlapping field with, or as being partly constituted of the “Big Mind” that creates all, known to the religious as God. As this “Big Mind” creates the very laws that we operate by on the physical plane, never endingly paradoxical and baffling on both the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic planes that even these may be, the potential of this connection can exceed anything science has as yet conceived. Science functions on our created material plane, and is only dimly aware of, or acknowledges little to nothing beyond that, so is unlikely to offer insight and useful knowledge from beyond its limited maps, models and metaphors. Shakespeare’s famous comment, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” alludes to this type of truth centuries ago.

When I deal with physical problems as a hypnotherapist, I explore all levels that may be useful. The actual physical level that applied suggestion therapy may be helpful for. That is suggestions of pain reduction, rapid healing and so on. Historical embedded psychological trauma that may be trapped in the past physical events. Emotional and psychological results from the trauma, from depression/ grief over losses to secondary gain. This last is for example holding onto the pain/injury to retain disability benefits. These topics are known in Psychology as the psychological veneer that comes to cover the damage/hurt. Possible psychosomatic and psychogenetic sources may also be resolved via applied suggestion and hypno-analytic methods, healing visualizations, etc. Then there is the level of belief, related to the placebo effect. Recent, (08/2010) research as shown the psycho-neuro-immunological result of faith. The greater the belief in any treatment, the better the results, partly because it has been shown that more endomorphins, chemicals that have a positive effect on the immune system, are created in the brain in these circumstances. Hypnotherapists, (and faith healers of all faiths, shamans both past and present), have utilized the nature of positive belief since the dawn of time. Then I may work in concepts of the higher self, universal or subconscious mind, Spirit or Soul, or even God etc. for those with that kind of belief system, for a supra-level process to enhance them all, and add an inspirational level of its own. Whatever it takes. 

c. Brian Green. 2011                               

Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy – Los Angeles

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