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May 9, 2010

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Los Angeles - Legalizing Marijuana,

I have been publishing on current.com on this issue, and think it deserves a wider audience. Post it anywhere you think useful, with attribution to this website if you can please.
"I am a Certified drug and alcohol counselor. In my youngyears I personally saw two persons smoke pot for the first time, and have a psychotic break. A recent UK study shows that one out of four psychiatric emergency room visits by under 21 year olds are persons with heavy pot use. A client came to me as a hypnotherapist and said, "I have lost all motivation and I am having short term memory problems." Later, after his heavy daily pot smoking came out, I said, "As pot can cause "amotivational syndrome" and short term memory problems, we will never know if pot is responsible unless you stop smoking it!" He did, and recovered with counseling and hypnotherapy for his associated problems. Unless outside help can present another picture, it is almost impossible to be aware of the effects of a drug with the organ affected by the drug, i.e. the brain. Like any psychoactive drug, including prescription drugs and alcohol, some, but not all, will have to pay a heavy price for using it.

Even though I know pot is not a harmless teddy bear drug as many would like to think, I am in still favor of decriminalization as I have written elsewhere. Not because it is harmless relative to alcohol. Simply because attempts at suppression generally increase the amount of drugs available, and foster multi-billion dollar criminal organizations conspiring to spread drug use." 

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May 8, 2010

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Los Angeles - People still seeing Brian on MTV.
People still see my MTV appearance and mention it to me. I hypnotized "Big" of Rob & Big and uncovered the source of his relentless weight gain. Other than the massive amounts of food he was consuming. Lol. I have been consistently adding new links and content the past months. I wish I could locate the video on Utube myself, I would put a link on my site. Adeu.
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