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August 20, 2012

 Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - Los Angeles        
Brian's Health Report

Hi all.  

I get many emails asking after my health since my recent trials and tribulations in that area, so I will send out this generic email To Whom It May Concern to everyone in my contact list.  
A year after the original 6 hour emergency surgery for peritonitis I returned for a colostomy reversal some months ago. The surgery was more difficult than presupposed, and turned into another 5 hour operation.  
After a week in the hospital I returned home. One week later, having contracted a resistant infection, I spent another week in hospital again on IV antibiotics. All is now clear, but my strength is still much reduced for now.  I am exercising a little, which is as much as I can tolerate.
After the first surgery it took a year for me to regain my health, this time it may take a bit longer.
The joys of being 70! 
But I am relatively OK, so far so good.  As to the classes I was going to offer, I have had to put them on the shelf for now.  My apologies to all those who took the time to email me regarding their interest.

Have a nice day.                   End

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