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June 30, 2013

Blog comments published elsewhere on non-hypnosis topics

I have up until now only published items here that are related to hypnosis and hypnotherapy, or personal life topics. But I often publish comments on other blogsites, and have decided to republish some of those also.


The following is regarding the recently published slightly improved unemployment figures.          


It is far worse than official figures show. The percentage of the population employed, a more reliable indicator, is at a more than 20 year low. Also a recent study showed that the percentage employed in very low paid and minimum wage jobs (the proverbial flipping burgers at McDonalds type work), has increased greatly, trebled in some areas. So there are less persons employed, and many of those that those that are employed are earning less. And of course the inflation figures are similarly dubious, as anyone who is half awake in their own life is aware. In real terms the average American income has been declining for the past 10 years or more. Only the rich and super rich are doing better. Apart from any ethical/moral issues of social justice involved in this growing income disparity, how can an economy which is 70% based on consumer spending continue to grow in these circumstances? Only by borrowing from the future in the form of debt. And when this unsustainable method can no longer work?  Ouch!  
Actually this reminds me of the Soviet Union. Right up until the point of collapse, and in that case disintegration, official economic figures were positive and cheerful! Smoke and mirrors!

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