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September 30, 2019

Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - Los Angeles - Rape Poem
I came across this piece again by a young lady who was a client of mine a while back. I think it deserves a wider audience, an honest intense powerful piece about rape. Not for the faint hearted.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HchVpWalHuQ&feature=youtu.be
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Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - Los Angeles, The Edge of Nowhere

On the edge of nowhere.


Nothing is forever

And forever is nothing to write home about

Eternity is a blink of God’s eyelid before a new dawn

Surprising timeless tomorrows with yesterday’s ghost

Not knowing how to decide which is mostly

As sweet as marmalade on slightly burnt toast

Enough of the rhythmic riddles rattling around my brain

Yielding no progress, does it exist?

Alone on the boundary between now and then

Wandering and wondering how and when

Discovering nothing worth talking about more often than not

Perhaps that’s all wisdom is

Knowing that only knowing nothing worth knowing

Is all of man’s lot.

c. Brian Green Los Angeles   09/2019

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September 24, 2019

Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - Los Angeles, further musings on ageing

Musings on moving from elderly to ancient at seventy seven years old...


My knowledge shrinks in the face of vastness of sky-built vault above

And the stars in the firmament are mocking the minute stature of my dwelling

Even the rocks cry as they are worn away during the night

And the ice groans in the dead of the Arctic Winter

Absolution and comfort denied by the limited marrow of our nature

We can only cringe in wonder before the majesty of the unknown

Hoping to die with all the dignity that can be mustered

By our miniature rapidly fleeting existence

Hurrying down the corridors of time eventually

To the last full stop.

Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - Los Angeles

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