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July 19, 2020

Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - Los Angeles, Cancer - The Good News

Well, whodeathunkit.

I am bowled over, and humbled. I have been working on the phone only, with a most lovely lady, who I have never met in person. She has been battling cancer for the past five years. She is taking her last doses of Chemotherapy, as it has metastased to her organs, and she is/was at stage 4, i.e. near terminal. She was recently told by her Doctor that if these last rounds of Chemotherapy don't work, (which he alluded was a strong possibility) she should prepare herself to go home and die. I just received this email from her. Sessions every two weeks, after session 1 and session 2 after a week, to start off. Approx 10 weeks.

Hi Brian!

Hope you are having a nice weekend! I just need to share the amazing news I got last night couldn’t wait until next Thursday.

Since June 3 to present my tumor markers have dropped from 83 to 31!!!!

I’m going to make you famous! N.....

(I had joked with her, that if she recovered, she would be obliged to make me famous.)



1. Bibliotherapy, "You Can Fight For Your Life." by Lawrence LeShan, a Clinical Psychologist who worked with terminal cancer patients with incredible results.

2. Counseling as to the nature of the potential of mind/body healing, including my own case histories that can be read on http://www.mindmagic123.com/id130.html

3. Using first my Self-Esteem" self-hypnosis mp3, followed by my "Pain Control and Healing From Within." self-hypnosis mp3.

4. Working through current emotional reactions to pain and other emotional and physical distress caused by the progression of her Cancers. Relieving her natural depressed state.

5. Uncovering/resolving suppressed emotional issues. There are psychological profiles of cancer patients that show them as strongly emotionally repressed/suppressed. LeShan reports that incomplete or buried grief is a major contributor to Cancer.

6. Using imagery visualizations such as picturing herself as healthy in the future as a regular self-hypnosis practice, and her cells devouring the Cancer cells that are weakened by the chemotherapy.

7. Other of my regular general trance-scripts in trance portion of the sessions, that support emotional growth and recovery.

8. Keeping a positive upbeat realistic confidence in my abilities, trance-mitting hope and Unconditional Positive Regard, (Carl Rogers) also more colloquially known as Love. I also learned a lot from Bernie Siegel, M.D. ex-president of the American Society Of Cancer Surgeons, author of, "Love, Medicine and Miracles." and "Peace, Love and Healing." Not allowing my own doubt, fear and feelings of helplessness to get in the way of my belief in the possibility of remission and/or healing of her tumors, despite Medical parameters.

Nam-bloody-maste eh mate!

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